Half Caff Blend

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(1/2 Decaf – 1/2 Regular) A mixed medium roast of Swiss Water® decaffeinated and regular coffee for a lower caffeine content but retained flavor. Perfect for those who get the ‘jitters’ with full caffeine coffee and those who enjoy coffee later in the day but don't need that higher caffeine kick-start.

Come check out our latest collection of coffee blends and pick your favorite roast today. Disney’s Beans is known for our wide array of blends that are made available to you in whole coffee beans, ground coffee, and coffee pods to suit your personal preferences. We also offer subscription orders that will help ensure you always get your daily caffeine fix without fail. Every subscription order comes with a 10% discount for the first month and you can enjoy a further 10% discount if you are a student or military personnel.

Our Half Caff Blend coffee is ideal for those who are looking for a mixed medium roast of decaffeinated Swiss Water® and regular coffee for reduced content of caffeine but still enjoy a bold flavor. Our Half Caff Blend is perfect if you do not wish to get the morning ‘jitters’ offered by full caffeine coffee. This coffee is also suitable for those who enjoy coffee slightly later in the day but are not looking for that more intense caffeine kick-start. Half Caff Blend features honey and almond flavor notes and a sweet, yet bold aroma. Its low acidity and smooth texture make it the ideal beverage for pairing with chocolates, apricots, apples, hams, banana sandwiches, rice pudding, or peanut butter.

Get your Half Caff Blend from Disney’s Beans today. Upon confirmation of orders, we will roast our beans to ensure each pack retains maximum freshness. We also have other coffee blends for you to choose from to suit your personal tastes.