Candy Cane

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Candy Cane Flavored Coffee - All natural flavoring perfect for the holidays

Have you been searching for freshly brewed coffee but are unsure of the quality? At Disney’s Beans, rest assured that you will be getting your hands on the finest quality blends that are precisely roasted at specific temperatures to retain maximum aromas and flavors. Whether you are looking at whole coffee beans, ground coffee, or coffee pods, Disney’s Beans offers a large variety for you to choose from.

If you are looking for a medium roast coffee with a smooth chocolatey taste at the beginning and a lingering candy cane flavor towards the end, our Candy Cane coffee is your best bet. This candy cane flavored coffee has all-natural flavoring and is the ideal beverage to serve and sip during the holiday season. It is one of the products in our gourmet coffee range and has a low acidity level and an average caffeine content. Our avid Disney’s Beans drinkers have shared how they love pairing this candy cane flavored coffee with Rocky Road Cookies, cherries, apricots, plums, oranges, figs, or berries for that satisfying coffee session. For preparation, we recommend brewing it at a low level and adding hot milk for a creamy concoction. You can choose to top it off with whipped cream and candy cane for that festive look.

At Disney’s Beans, we ensure you get your morning dose of caffeine without fail. Subscribe to our coffee blends and never have to miss your daily energy boost. We provide a 10% discount on all subscription orders and ship for free to anywhere in the US.