Bali Blue

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Certification/Grading: Organic

Roast: Med-dark

Tasting Profile: Dark chocolate, molasses, brown sugar

Grower: Smallholder farmers from Kintamani

Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Catimor

Region: Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia

Altitude: 1200-1600 M

Soil Type: Volcanic Loam

Process: Hand picked, wet-hulled and dried on raised beds.


Our Bali Blue Moon Coffee from the Kintamani Highlands of Bali is known for its delicate balance of sweetness and acidity, which makes it perfect for those who appreciate a sophisticated cup of joe. Coffee trees in this region grow alongside oranges and tangerines, providing the beans with a unique flavor that includes a combination of dark chocolate cake, truffles, cheesecake, and cream-based soups. It’s also rich in aromas of toffee, walnuts, and semi-sweet chocolate, with a crisp black cherry finish. The delicious flavors of this coffee pair well with eggs, cheese, carrot cakes, salads, pasta, or bacon. It's also perfect on its own. Whether you're in the mood for breakfast or a snack, this coffee is sure to hit the spot. With such a distinct characteristic, it’s no wonder that this exotic coffee has attracted a following from coffee connoisseurs all over the world.

To make a truly delicious cup of Bali Blue Moon coffee, follow these simple instructions. First, start with fresh, cold water. Bring the water to a boil and then let it cool for about 30 seconds before pouring it over the grounds. Next, use a heaping tablespoon of freshly ground coffee for every six ounces of water. Be sure to use a fine grind for the best results. Once the grounds are in the pot or French press, give them a gentle stir to make sure they are fully saturated. Then, let the coffee steep for four minutes before plunging or straining. Finally, enjoy your delicious cup of Bali Blue Moon coffee.

If you're looking to experience something new and exciting in the world of coffee, be sure to give Bali Blue Moon Coffee a try.