Asian Plateau Blend

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At Disney’s Beans, we only roast our coffee beans upon confirmation of orders. This helps retain the maximum freshness that you will get to savor in your morning cuppa. If you are looking for freshly roasted coffee, Disney’s Beans offers a wide selection of aromatic coffee blends for you to choose from. Depending on your personal tastes, you can choose from a light, medium, or dark roast to get your daily caffeine fix right how you like it. Our coffee blends are available in whole coffee beans, ground coffee, and coffee pods so you can easily prepare your morning coffee just the way you prefer.

Our Asian Plateau Blend is a medium roast coffee that contains blended coffees hailing from Southeast Asia, featuring herbal notes of flavor and a heavy body. This coffee delivers a consistent taste, a strong aroma and is best served hot. The beans are grown under the full sun through the washed process that is eco-friendly so you can get your daily caffeine fix without having any concerns for sustainability. Our Asian Plateau Blend goes really well with carrot cakes, cheese, eggs, tarts, baked bagels, or chocolate cakes as tried and tested by our avid coffee drinkers and our own team.

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