60 Pack k-cup Coffee Pods

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A premium blend single serve coffee we call 'Original Roast'. This is our signature blend of premium gourmet coffees that make a rich, delicious cup. Each coffee capsule is sealed with no oxygen inside (no air) so the coffee stays fresh. An improved filter design stops coffee from shooting right through the middle, absorbing more grounds for a lively cup, without slowing down the brew time.

For many of us, coffee is an essential part of our daily routine. But making a pot of coffee can be time-consuming, and sometimes we just want a single cup. That’s where our coffee pods come in. We provide a rich and tasty combination of gourmet coffee in a capsule, elevating premium coffee to the next level. Every capsule is meticulously sealed to guarantee that there is no air inside, resulting in fresh-tasting coffee. Furthermore, our new filter design stops coffee from blasting through the center, allowing you to enjoy your coffee without losing brew time or quality.

Made with 100% arabica coffee, these pods provide a rich, full-flavored brew that is sure to please even the most discerning coffee lover. Best of all, our coffee pods are compatible with most popular single-serve coffee makers, so you can enjoy fresh-brewed coffee without any hassle. Using our pods to make your favorite coffee is quick and simple. Simply take the pod from its packaging, place it in your mug, and fill it with hot water. Stop when you reach a third to half an inch from the mug's brim and let the pod steep. In just a few minutes, you'll have a steaming cup of coffee that's ideal for drinking on the move.

Every pod offers a sweet taste with fruity notes but can also have cereal or nutty flavors. They are the perfect complement to chocolate cake, mango, yogurt, and whiskey. Whether you're looking for a quick pick-me-up or a leisurely cup of coffee to savor, our coffee pods have you covered.