Are You Making These Coffee Brewing Mistakes?

Like millions of other people, you enjoy brewing your favorite cup of coffee in the morning. It’s what keeps you energized for the day. However, the coffee you make is a far cry from what you can get from the cafe. You follow the instructions from an online video you saw but your coffee just doesn’t taste right.

Not sure what went wrong in the brewing process? Check to see if you’re making some of these coffee brewing mistakes.

The Wrong Amount of Coffee

You went to bed late and needed to wake up at 7 in the morning for work. You’ve only slept for a few hours and find yourself barely awake. But you need that coffee to wake you up or you’re gonna be late. Chances are you don’t have time to properly measure the amount of coffee you’re brewing. This could be one of the reasons why you aren’t getting that perfect cup of joe. The next time you’re not in a rush, spend time to properly measure the amount of coffee you’re putting into the machine and see the difference it makes.

The Wrong Water Temperature

Water temperature affects the way your coffee tastes. 195°F to 205°F is the ideal temperature range for coffee brewing. Get the water temperature right before you start to make your next brew.

The Wrong Ingredient Mix

You’ve ordered high-quality coffee. Any other ingredients you add in shouldn’t alter the taste, right? Unfortunately, you’re wrong. If you add in budget sweeteners or creamers, your coffee might end up tasting weird. Choosing the right kind of sweeteners and creamers will complement your coffee instead of ruining it.

Your Coffee is No Longer Fresh

if you’ve kept that bag of coffee beans for too long, it has most likely lost its flavor and aroma. The next time you’re buying coffee, make it a point to check the roast date. Don’t wait too long to consume it - you should try and finish it within a month. Consider getting roast to order coffee which is freshly roasted upon receiving your order.

Your Coffee is Stored in The Wrong Place

Are you keeping your coffee in the bags they came in? Time to change the habit. Oxygen and humidity will destroy your coffee. You need to store it in airtight containers and keep them in a cool, dry place.

You Didn’t Clean Your Coffee Maker

Like dirty clothes that require cleaning, you should wash your coffee maker regularly. Otherwise, bacteria, dirt, and germs will contaminate your machine. Even if you use the finest ingredients, the contaminants will destroy your coffee or even cause you to fall sick.

You’re Using Poor Quality Water

The type of water you use affects your coffee. You decide to use tap water because it’s convenient and you can just get it from the tap. However, tap water usually contains minerals and other impurities that can prevent you from achieving that perfect brew. Use filtered or purified water the next time you’re making coffee. They don’t contain any impurities to affect the taste of your coffee.

Written by Tyler Disney

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