Pour Over

Pour Over

There are so many methods of brewing coffee such as the French press method, cold brew, and more. But have you tried the pour over method? It is a common and popular way of preparing coffee that brings many advantages. This is why you should try it too. Read on to learn more about pour over coffee and how to make it!

About Pour Over Coffee

The pour over method involves using hot water and pouring it through the coffee ground in a filter. Water drains through the coffee and filters into a mug. Pour over is also known as drip or filter coffee. Pour over accentuates the intricate flavors compared to the other brewing methods. It is a popular choice for single-origin coffees as it allows the aromas and flavors to shine. 

Benefits of Pour Over Coffee

The main benefit of pour over coffee is that it is extremely practical and easy to make. Pour over coffee has the potential to produce truly outstanding coffee. Filter coffee proves that a simple method can yield wonderful results. It is an affordable method of brewing coffee that is accessible to many. It is portable and can be done anywhere you go. Lastly, it produces fast results and you can enjoy your cup of coffee in no time. 

How to Make Pour Over Coffee

Here are the steps to making pour over coffee: 

  1. Fill your kettle and set it to boil.
  2. Take a filter, open it and then place it inside the brewing device. Rinse it thoroughly with hot water before discarding the water. 
  3. Weigh the coffee and adjust the grinder to grind the coffee. 
  4. Place the brewer on the scale and tare it to zero. 
  5. When the kettle boils, you can grind the coffee and add it to the brewing device. 
  6. Start the timer and pour about three times as much water as the coffee you have. The goal is to have even saturation so pour the water in slowly in a clockwise pattern. This step allows the water to yield the full potential of the coffee. 
  7. Add water in stages until you reach the desired brew weight. Pour the water in a spiral pattern from the center outwards and back to the center again. 
  8. Once the liquid disappears, the brew is complete. 
  9. Enjoy your fresh cup of pour over coffee!

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Written by Alex Melen

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