Our goal at Disney's Beans is to make coffee accessible to everyone. Whether you're in search of a single bag of coffee beans or want to buy in bulk, we can meet your needs at a very reasonable price without sacrificing the quality of our product.

About AeroPress Coffee

The AeroPress is a coffeemaker that immerses coffee grounds in hot water for a few seconds. This machine will brew a flawless, smooth cup of coffee in half the time it takes other coffee makers. Because it's made of BPA-free plastic, it's also indestructible. AeroPress’ widespread appeal is a clear testament to its quality and reliability. 

Benefits of AeroPress Coffee

This guide will help you decide whether or not to purchase the AeroPress by breaking down all of the benefits:

  • Portability - It's the ideal travel brewer due to its small size and plastic construction.
  • It is compact and small - If you have limited space at home, at your business, or when traveling, the compact size is ideal.
  • Bonus items – A holder for your paper filters, paddle, funnel, and measuring spoon are all standard inclusions in an AeroPress set.
  • Low-cost filters - The AeroPress employs little paper filters to ensure that your cup is free of sediment. This produces a cup of coffee that is silky smooth and free of impurities. Although paper filters might be costly, the AeroPress filters are by far the most affordable.

How to Make Aeropress Coffee

  1. Bring 200 grams of water to a boil, then set aside to cool. 
  2. 18 grams of coffee should be weighed. Coffee should be ground medium-fine, about the size of granulated table salt. 
  3. Fill the AeroPress with coffee grounds and level the coffee bed; brew "inverted" with the plunger on the bottom. Start the timer and pour 100 grams of hot water into the AeroPress, enough to soak the entire grind and pour it to about midway. Stir a few times to soak the entire grind and to confirm even brewing–this aids in CO2 gas release. 
  4. Pour the remaining 100 grams of water equally over the top. Before sealing the cap and filter to the AeroPress at 1:45, swirl a few more times. 
  5. After 2 minutes, transfer to a carafe or cup and gently push down. 
  6. When you hear a hissing sound, stop pressing. Brewing time should be roughly 2.5 minutes total. Serve and enjoy!

Why Get Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans from Disney's Beans?

At Disney's Beans, every order of whole beans, grins, or pods is roasted to order, providing the freshest and highest-quality product available. Last but not least, every time you place an order with us, we'll provide you with coupons so you may save money on your next visit. Active duty military soldiers and servicewomen are eligible for a 10% discount. As a student, you shouldn't have to worry about paying too much for coffee, which is why students may get a 10% discount by showing their student ID when making a purchase with us.  

We ship to any overseas PO box for free. Our coffee beans are proudly made in the United States and will be delivered to you within 3 to 5 business days after placing your order.

For more information about our coffee beans, blends, and accessories, call us at (210) 7123839 today!


Written by Alex Melen

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